Committee Members

Flinders Flames Committee is made up of  a group volunteers than have been involved in soccer over a number of years. Whether they have been coaches, players or even longtime supporters of the club. They contribute and dedicate time and valuable guidance in the development and structure of the club.

Not only do committee members create and develop the structure and improvements within the club, committee members organise several social events through out the year for its players and supporters to enjoy time off the field.

several members attend important AGM, FFSA meetings to keep up to date with all new information regarding the league.



Raquel Zundel

Vice President

Shannen Connolly


Elizabeth Bogue


                                            Michelle Oulianoff                                   

Coaching Co-coordinator 

Natalie Ziersch

Sponsorship Officer

Natalie Ziersch

Grants Administrator/s

Michelle Oulianoff/Elizabeth Bogue

Fundraising Crew 

Michelle Oulianoff/Brooke Andrews

Uni and Student representative 

Phoebe Siviour

FFSA Club Delegate/s

 Elizabeth Bogue

IT Administrator 

Shannen Connolly

Social Media and Marketing Manager 

Shannen Connolly

BBQ Manager 

Adele Munro-Chambers

BBQ Crew

Uniform/Merchandise Manager 

Brooke Andrews

Equipment Manager/s

Adele Munro-Chambers/Emma Barrie

Pre-Season Coordinator 

Elizabeth Bogue

Club Registrar 

Elizabeth Bogue

Social Chair 

Natalie Ziersch