Player Award Recipients 2016


Division 2 

Most Valued Player – Molly Fletcher

Players Player – Amanda Greenwell

Coaches Choice -Patty Van Duijn and Shannen Connolly

A Huge Congratulations to Molly Fletcher, who was awarded the Division 2 Player of the Year by the FFSA and Patty Van Duijn for being awarded the Golden Boot Winner for Division 2. 

div-2-mvp  div-2-players-player  div-2-coaches-choice-2  div-2-coaches-choice



Division 3

Most Valuable Player – Amber Heitmann

Players Player – Natalie Ziersch

Coaches Choice- Natalie Ziersch

Most Improved – Riki Poppy

div-3-mvp  div-3-coaches-choice-players-player  div-3-most-improved


Division 4 

Most Valuable Player – Ella Cockburn

Players Player – Ella Cockburn

Coaches Choice – Melissa Halabi

Most Improved – Kim Cudbertson

div-4-players-player-mvp  div-4-coaches-choice  div-4-most-improved


Division 5 

Most Valuable Player – Rachel Kowalski

Players Player – Vanessa Hounslow

Coaches Choice – Gella Howard

Most Improved – Eliesa Morello

div-5-mvp  div-5-players-player  div-5-coaches-choice  div-5-most-improved



Presidents Cup Winner – Amanda Greenwell

Golden Gloves Winner – Adele Munro-Chambers

Golden Boot Winner – Patty Van Duijn

Rising Star Winner – Ella Cockburn

Eternal Flame Inductee – Adele Munro-Chambers

presidents-cup golden-gloves-winner golden-boot-winner rising-star eternal-flame-winner