Life Members and Eternal Flames

Life Members

Life Members length of service to the Club shall be at least 10 years in both an on field and off field roles on the committee with such service in either role being taken concurrently.

In considering the award of Life Membership an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the Club.

Elizabeth Bogue                                                                                  Amber Heitmann

Leanne Rootsey

Janine Young

Raquel Zundel

Danielle Baker

Olivia Guarna

Vanessa Reposi

Adele Munro-Chambers

Natalie Ziersch

Kristy Chilarski

*Life membership is void if players leave the club, or play for another club (even if they return) Life members will now pay the FFSA registration fee from season 2018. The club portion of fees is not payable upon receiving life membership


Eternal Flame

This is a very special award and goes to ONE person in the club who has consistently been a model Flame, in the current season and/or in the past, and/or has helped ensure the success and strength of the club as a whole.

Adele Munro-Chambers

Dirk Van Duijn

Natalie Ziersch

Raquel Zundel

Shannen Connolly